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Thermocline LS Ladies Top

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Use the Thermocline long sleeved top for full upper body thermal protection. The layer on the body core gives the overall equivalent performance of a 3mm neoprene suit with greater comfort, more flexibility and no additional buoyancy when added under a wetsuit. The long sleeved top and explorer together weigh less than 1kg (2.2lbs) making them ideal for the traveling diver.

Features:  Increased Thermal Protection  Requires no extra lead  Hypoallergenic  Ultra-Lightweight.

The Thermocline neutrally buoyant system represents an evolution in thermal protection, using state of the art materials to maximise performance without compromising on comfort. Thermocline also provides a real solution for people who suffer from neoprene allergies by eliminating contact between the skin and the wetsuit.

Thermocline LS Ladies Top