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      Have you ever have dreamed of floating weightlessly like an astronaut, investigating unusual species like a field researcher, or looking for lost objects like a treasure hunter?  Have you always wanted to take scuba diving lessons, experience unparalleled adventure and see the world beneath the waves?  Here is where it starts.

      Scuba diving can make these dreams a reality!  It's easy and only requires a short period of training to get started.  Whether your goal in diving is fish watching, ocean conservation, or simply meeting adventurous people, seventy percent of the globe becomes accessible to you the moment you learn to breathe underwater.  And thats a fact.  Get your scuba diving certification with the PADI Open Water Diver course – the world’s most popular and widely recognized scuba course.  Millions of people have learned to scuba dive and gone on to discover the wonders of the aquatic world through this course.  The courses we offer are internationally recognised - showing your PADI certification card when going into dive locations around the globe and your skills will be instantly recognised.  Gear rental, liveaboard trips, diving in exotic locations...  all will be available to you. 

      Learning to dive is easier than you think and loads of fun. The PADI Open Water course is the most recognised and trusted diver certification in the world. This means wherever you travel to, your diver certification will be recognised.

      Learning to dive is a combination of learning the basics in the classroom, practicing in the pool and then completing four dives in the sea.

      Our course also includes an extra four fun dives with our dive club once you have completed your training. These are valid for four weeks from the end of your course, giving you plenty of time to get back out for more fun. These dives are always guided by a Padi Instructor or Dive Master.

      The Open Water course includes all PADI materials, PADI diver certification, use of all scuba equipment, wetsuit, weight belt, mask, snorkel, booties, fins and the 8 dives.

      Gloves are recommended in winter.

      If our scheduled courses don’t suit you, give us a call and we may be able to alter dates to suit your schedule.

      We can run private courses for groups of four or more.

      One on one courses can be organized for $1200.

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      8 products