DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle) Diver Specialty

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Propel your way through the water and glide over reefs, buzz around a large wreck or weave through a kelp forest.

DPVs offer a thrilling way for scuba divers to see a lot of underwater territory in a short amount of time. They scoot you through the water allowing you to glide over reefs, buzz around a large wreck or weave through a kelp forest. Whether making a shore or boat dive, a DPV is a great way to see more and have fun doing it.

The DPV Specialty Diver Course has two parts:

  • Knowledge Development (you will be given a course manual for you to study, independently prior to your open water dives) to become aware of the features and use of a DPV
  • 2 x Open Water Dives to practice DPV maintenance and preparation, manoeuvring skills and how to overcome problems

The course takes place over 1-2 days, depending on class size.

Courses are scheduled on demand.

Equipment rental is free of charge for this course.


First - purchase your course online.  Next, we'll get in contact and give you dates, and your course information pack.  This pack includes all the course details, online training information (if applicable), medical forms, etc.

  • On the medical form, you will need to answer a few questions. Please read the form carefully before filling it out. If you answer YES to ANY of the questions, you will need a doctor to sign the form stating you are fit to learn to dive. If the answers are all NO, you don't need to see a doctor.  Please get in touch if you have any questions.  You can find the form here.
  • If your course includes online training, you can start right away with your online training code.
DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle) Diver Specialty