Gear Servicing

Regular equipment servicing and testing is vital because we rely on our scuba gear to keep us alive underwater. It also helps keep everything tuned and working smoothly so that a good dive can become a great dive!

You can drop your equipment off to the Dive Wellington shop at any time to be serviced or tested. Please contact us if you have any questions.

We work hard to provide a quick turnaround for equipment brought in for a service or test, and we aim to have it ready for you within a week. Please note that if parts are required that fall outside of a normal service this may take longer, we will contact you if this should be the case.

Equipment Servicing

At Dive Wellington we are able to service and repair most makes and models of regulators and BCD's. Most manufacturers recommend your gear being taken to a qualified service technician for a service (or tune up) once a year, or every 100 dives. You can check your equipment manuals for recommendations, or see the links below for the equipment manual pages for some of the manufacturers we stock.

Cylinder Testing

In New Zealand, cylinders are required to be taken to a qualified technician to have a visual inspection every year, and a hydrostatic test every two years. We have our own in-house test station, and are able to conduct hydrostatic and visual testing on cylinders, service cylinder valves, and provide O2 cleaning for cylinders that will be holding higher percentages of oxygen (enriched air nitrox).

Computer Battery Replacement

Depending on the make and model of your dive computer you may not be able to replace the battery yourself when it starts to run low. Even when the computer has a user-changable battery, we would still recommend bringing it in so our experienced service technicians can give it a full checkup and replace the battery at the same time.

We are able to provide a battery replacement service for dive computers with non-user-replacable batteries, however this is done off site and may take up to a week to complete.

Links to Manufacturer Equipment Manual Pages

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