Rob Allen

Tangaroa Speargun

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The Rob Allen Tangaroa 120 Carbon Speargun is unique to New Zealand with a blue and silver scale/snakeskin pattern merged into one. It gives that shimmering effect that will not only entice your targets but the sleek design will make you the envy of others. 


  • Lightweight, high strength carbon barrel
  • Vector 2 handle with mechanism molded from PA6 30% GS glass filled polyamide
  • External shrouds and internal barrel spigot increase strength at the critical barrel/mechanism interface
  • Internal webs at several places in the mechanism are designed to spread loading away from high-stress areas.
  • Low Profile Closed muzzle
  • 1 x 20mm rubber
  • Fully Airbrushed barrel
  • Stainless Steel Line Release
  • 7.0mm Double Notch Oil drenched carbon alloy spring spear
  • 4″ Shark Clip
  • High strength, abrasion resistant black 180kg shooting line
Tangaroa Speargun
Tangaroa Speargun
Tangaroa Speargun
Tangaroa Speargun

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