DSMB Specialty Course Content

The DSMB Diver Course has two parts:

  • Knowledge Development (you will be given a course manual for you to study, independently prior to your open water dives) you will learn marker buoys serve a range of purposes and you will cover common types of DSMB along with the reels used to control them.
  • 2 x Open Water Dives;
    • Preparing and stowing your DSMB and reel.
    • Deploying the DSMB from a stationary position and from mid-water.
    • Swimming while towing a DSMB and managing the reel and line.
    • Making a safety stop using the DSMB line.

The course takes place over 1 day.

Courses are scheduled on demand.

DSMB rental is $20. All other equipment rental is free of charge for this course.