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Why dive dry – simply to stay warm. No one said diving had to be cold or wet. Diving dry is the difference between withstanding the 4°c temperature of some waters to enjoy watching a three-inch scallop’s beadlike eyes spangle the edges of a brightly colored mantle. It is the difference in witnessing the powerful jaws and massive grinding teeth in a mouth of a wolf eel, hovering-by as a giant octopus propels itself by jetting water past its eight sucker-covered arms, or simply not diving at all. More often than not, in colder waters, dry suit diving can be the difference between experiencing multiple dives in one day or making one chilly wet suit dive and listening to others tell you about what you’ve missed on the dives you were just too cold to make.

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Important Info

Summary info about the 'Dry Suit Diver' course:

Prerequisite Certification:

  • Open Water Diver
  • Junior Open Water Diver

Minimum Age:


Course Content:

  • 1 Confined Water Dive
  • 2 Open Water Dives
  • Book Learning (Book supplied)
  • Course Video (Optional)




  • Dry Suit Hire: $100
  • Pool Entry: (Included)

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