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Recent issues of the Weekly Newsletter, with trips, specials, and goings-on in the Dive Wellington scuba and freediving community.

Dive News: Thu 23 Mar 2017

Hi Divers,

We have not had great diving conditions this week, but we have had our students out at Scorching Bay practicing Search and Recovery in the sun J We have also had our instructor candidates perfecting their presentations in the classroom and practicing their skills in the pool. We have a southerly swell hanging around the coast for this weekend and a mixture of winds. Looks like it should be alright topside though, so we hope to see you all out diving !

DIVE CLUB DIVES...please book

Dive News: Fri 17 Mar 2017

Hi Divers,

We hope everyone has had a good week given the average weather we have been having J Looks like the sun is on its way back just in time for the weekend! We also have a mixture of Northerlies and Southerlies coming, so looks like we may get a dive in on the coast and in the harbour. Looking forward to seeing you all out diving this weekend!

DIVE CLUB DIVES...please book

Saturday and Sunday meeting at the shop at 2pm.

Dive News: Thu 09 Mar 2017

Hi Divers,

Unfortunately, we have seen the return of some weather about the coast, but the harbour has been treating us with some awesome diving! Last night, we had a night dive at Kau Bay with bobtail squid, seahorses, and even a massive ray!

Congratulations to all our new divers: James, Grace, and David.

Also big well done to our diploma students Tess and Chris who have just completed their Divemaster course. We have also got a few students who have begun their instructors course, so you may seem them around on weekends helping out J

Dive News: Wed 01 Mar 2017

Hi Divers,

We have been making the most of the nice weather over the last week! We have been diving on the South Coast every day and although the visibility hasn’t been the greatest, there has been a heap to see underwater! Lots of fish, lots of crays, lots of octopi, and we even had dolphins join us on the F69 last weekend.

Looks like we have a nice weekend ahead, but there is a 2m southerly swell building for Saturday. Dive club this weekend is looking like the harbour, but we will just have to see what happens!

Dive News: Thu 23 Feb 2017

Hi Divers

After having been with us for close to 4 years now, today is Chris's last day. We wish him all the best in his new career as a Police Officer. He will be missed but I am sure we will see him out for a sidemount dive now and then.

Congratulations to all our new divers: Blaise, Simon, Leine, Felix, Adam, Loran and Phil. Advanced open water divers Matthew, Yasodha and Natalie.

Kelly and her Diploma students are in Napier today, diving the aquarium and doing the shark feed, let us know if you would be interested in joining us on a future trip.

Dive News: Wed 15 Feb 2017

Hi Divers

smiley SUMMER may be here smiley 

Congratulations to our new open water divers: Leeanne, Kelsey, Patrick, Lisa. Advanced open water divers Kiri and Aoterangi and new Rescue divers Sarah and Kai. 

Dive News: Wed 08 Feb 2017

Hi Divers

It looks like the South Coast should be fantastic for diving this weekend with light northerlies and no swell forecast! Fingers crossed it stays that way and we get some good dives in on the coast 

Congratulations to our newest Open Water Divers: Anton, Chinee, Carter, Rommel, Kate, Joe, Riana, and John! We hope to see you all back in the water soon! Also to our advanced open water divers: Kevin, Nicole, Eddie, Elliot and Anna.


Saturday and Sunday meeting at the shop at 2pm.

Dive News: Thu 02 Feb 2017

Hi Divers

It looks like the South Coast should be good for diving this weekend. At the moment the coast is looking beautiful and we are forecasted for northerlies and a light southerly swell so hopefully it stays flat and blue!


Saturday and Sunday meeting at the shop at 2pm.

Monday Waitangi Day meeting at the shop at 9:30am

Tuesday after work dive, leaving the shop at 6pm.


Dive News: Sun 29 Jan 2017


In December 2016 Worksafe NZ published a warning on some dive cylinders, after several serious harm incidents overseas.

New Zealand Underwater has now instructed New Zealand dive stores not to fill or test the effected cylinders as of 24.1.17.

The tanks are mainly older aluminium tanks and will effect thousands of tanks around the country. 

Dive News: Wed 25 Jan 2017

Hi Divers

It looks like the South Coast should be good for diving this weekend and possibly for the next week. We are going to make the most of it, you should too.

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